SPE Turkey 2018 Student Paper Contest

SPE Turkey Section Student Paper Contest - 2018 was held during 28. İTÜ Petroleum and Natural Gas Seminar and Exhibition, in İTÜ PNGE building on June 22, 2018.

Current students and students who graduated after SPE Turkey Student Paper Contest 2017 participated in the competition.

The list of participants and the presentation titles are as below:

Undergraduate Division:

1. Cirillo Bonifacio- A study on Determining the Proper Location for an Observation Well for an Underground Gas Storage Reservoir (3rd Place Appreciation)

2. Egemen Enis Koçak- Dynamic Fracture Gradient Design Through Temperature Variations ( 1st Place Appreciation)

3. Farheen Siddique- Effects of Nano-Propants on Fracture Conductivity

4. Nabil Al-Hetari- Reservoir and Production Plan for an Offshore Gas Field (2nd Place Appreciation)

5. Onur Alp Kaya- Nitrogen Based Fracturing Fluids, Upsides and Downsides

6. Oubaida Taji- Comparison of Type Well Generation Methods for Unconventional Reservoirs

7. Ömer Faruk Arslan- Designing and Modeling A Proper Strategy for Cooperative Geothermal Field Development under Constant Heat Production

Graduate Division

1. Mohammad Salehian- Reservoir Characterization Using a Dynamic Capasitance-Resistive Model with Application to Shut-in and Horizontal Wells ( 1st Place Appreciation)

2.Negar Zarepakzad- A Comparative Analysis and Rapid Performance Prediction of Polymer Flooding Process by Coupling Reservoir Simulation with Neural Networks ( 2nd Place Appreciation)

3.Sedat Erkal- Parameter Estimation Using Pressure and Temperature Transient Data from Interval Pressure Transient Test (IPTT) ( 3rd Place Appreciation)

We would to congratulate all students and special thanks to our jury members

SPE Turkey Board of Directors

SPE Turkey


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