Activity Calendar (2014-2015)

Date Activity Speaker Topic
September 26, 2013 Distinguished Lecturers Luis F. Neumann Can We Trust in Acid Fracturing in Deep Hard Carbonate Reservoirs
October 28, 2013 Ambassador Lecture Program Fırat Üstün
November 19, 2013 Distinguished Lecturer Gregory Jackson Unconventional Resources A-Z
December 26, 2013 Turkish Lecturer Gokhan Aker Macondo Accident Investigation
January 8, 2014 Turkish Lecturer Necdet Pamir Global Energy Outlook, Today & Future
February 14, 2014 Distinguished Lecturer Faisal AlThawad Fracture Network: Reservoir's Friend or Foe?
March 25, 2014 Turkish Lecturer Mustafa Onur Thoughts on Petroleum Engineering Education & Industry-University Collaboration
April 25, 2014 Turkish Lecturer Ergun Kuru Hole Cleaning Performance: Water vs. Drag Reducing Fluid
May 8, 2014 Turkish Lecturer Mustafa Onur Increasing Enhanced Oil Recovery: Fundamentals, Recent Cutting Edge Research Topics and Challenges Ahead
May 22, 2014 Distinguished Lecturer Larry Eoff Selective Water Reduction Systems: Where have we been and where are we going?
July 8, 2014 Turkish Lecturer Gökhan Coşkuner Enhanced Oil Recovery as Follow Up to Cold Heavy Oil Production with Sand
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