Annual Symposium Unconventional Resources 2014 by SPE Turkey was organized on December 4-5, 2014 in Middle East Technical University. We would like to thank all sponsors, proffessional and students attendants, session chairpersons, and all speakers. You can find the presentations, and pictures from the event below.

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ASUR'14 Symposium Programme

ASUR'14 Abstracts and Bios

Keynote Speeches

Unconventional Energy in The World: A Game Changer
(Prof. Dr. Volkan Ş. Ediger)

Vital Stepts in Development of Unconventional Fields and New Trends  
(Dr. Mustafa Hacıislamoğlu)

The Pottential Effects of Shale Gas Evolution in Turkey on Energy Politics and Infrastructure
(Mr. Necdet Pamir)

Overview of Unconventionals

Shale Gas and Its Potential Market In Europe  
(Dr. Lukasz Ostrowski)

Classification of Unconventional Resources and Discussions on Global Potential 
(Mr. Mustafa Erkin Gözel)

Tying the Surface to the Subsurface  
(Mr. Dustin Young)

Case Studies & Projects

Unconventionals: The Right Rocks, in the Right Place, at the Righ Time?
(Mr. Adam Dodson)

Transatlantic Petroleum's Success in Production from Tight Gas Sand  
(Mr. Gürkan Karakaya)

Exploring Unconventional Resources in Turkey - TPAO Perspective   
(Mr. Hasan Armağan Derman)

Drilling & Completion

Drilling Challenges of Horizontal Wells in Unconventional Formations  
(Mr. Fırat Üstün)

Diagnosis Fracture Injection Test (DFIT): Necessity or Luxury for Unconventional Resources  
(Mr. Mario Ulloa)

Fracturing Operations in Turkey over the Last 4 years; Lessons Learned and the Way Forward  
(Mr. Kerem Yüksel)

Reservoir Description & Dynamics

Factors Controlling Flowback Performance in Hydraulically Fractures Shale Gas Reservoirs  
(Prof. Dr. Ergün Kuru)

Overview of Shale Formation Evaluation Methods 
(Prof. Dr. Mustafa Onur)

Alternative Unconventionals

Unconventional Heavy Oil Production  
(Prof. Dr. Tayfun Babadağlı)

Gas Production from CBM  
(Assist. Prof. Dr. Çağlar Sinayuç)

Case Studies of Coalbed Methane Production Analyses from Black Warrior and Illinois Basins
(Dr. C.Özgen Karacan)

Closing Session

Environmental Impacts of Developing Unconventional Resources 
(Mr. Jonathan Abbott)

Unlocking Turkey's Unconventional Potential 
(Mr. Murat Fatih Tuğan)

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