Activity Calendar (2012-2013)

Date Activity Speaker Topic
September 07, 2012 Friday Turkish Lecturer Ferruh Demirmen Win-Win Upstream Fiscal Systems
November 29, 2012 Thursday Guest Lecturer Klaas Van Gijtenbeek Hydraulic Fracturing in Carbonate and Shale Gas Reservoirs
January 10, 2013 Thursday Guest Lecturer Olivier Houze Production Analysis and forecasting of shale gas and shale oil formations
February 5, 2013 Turkish Lecturer Tayfun Babadağlı Development of Mature Oil Fields: EOR Option
February 19, 2013 Tuesday Distinguished Lecturer Nnaemeka Ezekwe Advances in Reservoir Management Technologies
March 11, 2013 Monday Distinguished Lecturer Stephen Vickers What Do We Have to Do to a Drilling Fluid to Maximise Well Productivity?
March 18, 2013 Monday (İSTANBUL) Turkish Lecturer Can Sungu Bakiler From Seismic to Simulation: Integrated Reservoir Studies
April 8, 2013 Monday Turkish Lecturer Coşan Ayan Wireline Formation Testing: What is New for Reservoir Applications?
April 15, 2013 Monday (İSTANBUL) Distinguished Lecturer Jason Pitcher Increasing Production with Better Well Placement in Shale Reservoirs
June 11, 2013 Tuesday Turkish Lecturer Deniz Dindoruk Enhanced Oil Recovery: Re-Energising Oil Fields Across the World
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