Activity Calendar (2014-2015)

Date Activity Speaker Topic
August 11, 2014, Ankara Turkish Lecturer Evren Özbayoğlu Effect of Free Drillsting Motion in Annulus on Drilling Hydraulics
September 11, 2014, Ankara Turkish Lecturer Ali Doğru Advances in Upstream Petroleum Technology
October 15, 2014, Istanbul Distinguished Lecturer Klaus Potsch Understanding and Checking the Validity of PVT Reports
November 10, 2014 Ankara Distinguished Lecturer Jalal Abadi Next Generation of Heavy Oil Recovery Methods
December 4-5, 2014, Ankara Annual Symposium -Unconventional Resources
December 9, 2014, Batman Turkish Lecturer İlker Yücel Öğrenmiş Recent Developments in Well Control Training
January 20, 2015, Ankara Turkish Lecturer Erdal Özkan What is Unconventional in Unconventional Reservoirs
January 22, 2015, Ankara Distinguished Lecturer Michael Zuber Tight Coalbed Methane - A Giant Worldwide Resource
Februay 4, 2015, Ankara SPE Turkey Young Professionals Bowling Tournament '15
February 20, 2015, Ankara SPE Turkey Section Scholars Paper Contest ' 15
March 6, 2015, Ankara Turkish Lecturer Burak Kürkçü Communication & Negotiation Skills of Inspiring World Leaders
March 18, 2015, Ankara SPE Turkey Young Professionals Darts Tournament '15
April 3, 2015, Ankara Turkish Lecturer Latif Vrana & Gürşat Kale A Dialogue from Geothermal to Politics Through the Eyes of Engineers
April 27, 2015, Ankara Turkish Lecturer Osman Karaoğuz North Kuwait Miscible Gas EOR Study
May 14,2015, Ankara Guest Reinhard Wehr The Science of Directional Drilling in Unonventional Reservoirs
May 29,2015, Ankara SPE Turkey Section Student Paper Contest ' 15
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