SPE Turkey 2016 Student Paper Contest

SPE Turkey Section Student Paper Contest was held on Friday, 24 June. We would like to thank all our members and colleagues for their support to our scholars. You can also find the pictures from the event below.

The contest took place in ITU Petroleum and Natural Gas Seminar and Exhibition and start at 2 pm. There were 10 presentations on various interesting topics, 5 of which was in Undergraduate Level while the other 5 was on Graduate Level.

The scholars was requested to present their studies within 15 minutes and the jury judged for "who is the best".

The Ranking in Graduate Level was as below:

1. Sercan Gül (Experimental Investigation of Cuttings Transport in Horizontal Wells Using Aerated Drilling Fluids)

2. Fatma Bahar Hoşgör (A New Lumped Parameter Model for Reservoir Containing Carbon Dioxide)

3. Gülzada Sagnaliyeva (Modeling of the Degirmenkoy Underground Gas Storage Field)

4. Ceylan Name Gürses (Modeling of Bottom Hole Cleaning)

5. Togla Akgöl (Computed Tomography in Petroleum Engineering)

The Ranking in Undergraduate Level was as below:

1. Zinyat Agharzayeva (Underground Gas Storage in Saturated Oil Reservoirs)

2. Serkan Toplak (Effect of Natural Recharge Sources on Design of Two Lease Geothermal System)

3. Ömer Özçelik (Effects of Number of Wells on the Design of a Geothermal Well)

4. Aykut Atadeğer (Design and Economic Analysis of an Offshore Oilfield)

5. Özgür Irgav (Cyclic CO2 Injection in Hydraulically Fractured Wells)

We would like to thank our precious Jury Members:

Birol Dindoruk

Coşan Ayan

İlker Yücel Öğrenmiş

Fikri J. Kuchuk

İlkin Bilgesu

Nathan Meehan

Turgay Ertekin

This was a unique opportunity for students to meet with their future colleagues in such a professional environment, share their knowledge and judged by the distinguished audience.

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