Scholars Paper Contest '15

As part of Student Support Program, SPE Turkey Section Scholars’ Contest was held on Friday, 27 February. We would like to thank all our members and colleagues for their support to our scholars. You can also find the pictures from the event as well as the presentations made below.

The contest took place in TP Research Center Conference Hall and start at 9:30 a.m. As detailed in the attached programme, there was 7 presentations on various interesting topics.

The scholars was requested to present their studies within 15 minutes and the jury judged for "who is the best".

The first place was obtained by

Hakki Aydin (Roles of Rock Mechanics in Hydraulic Fracturing)

Other participant scholars were (in alphabetical order):

Bicer, Furkan (Underground Gas Storage)

Cakir, Ali (Horizontal Drilling)

Geze, Furkan (Geothermal Drilling)

Ibis, Halil (Gas Hydrates)

Onay, Mehmet Emin (Underbalanced Drilling)

Saygili, Harun Resit (What Determines Oil Prices?)

We would like to thank our precious Jury Members:

Associate Professor Dr. Ömer İnanç Türeyen (ITU)

Assistant Professor Dr. Cağlar Sınayuç (METU)

Mr. Süleyman Abravcı (TP)

Mr. Kerem Yüksel (Viking International)

This was a unique opportunity for our scholars to meet with their future colleagues in such a professional environment, share their knowledge and judged by the distinguished audience.

We would like to especially thank ' Tiway Turkey ' for sponsoring this event and invite all professionals in Turkish Petroleum Industry to benefit high class events of SPE Turkey Section.

Click Here to Download the Contest Programme

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