Contest'13 - SPE Turkey Section Student Paper Contest

SPE TURKEY student Paper Contest was held during IPETGAS 2013, in JW Marriott Ankara on May 17, 2013.

At the end of the contest a total of 2250 TL award was distributed to the first 3 winners who were:

1. Sercan Gül

2. Tolga Akgöl

3. Kahraman Barut

The 6 contestants and their presentation titles were:

1. Candan Ünal, 'Use of Activated Carbon for CH4 Storage and Transportation'

2. Kahraman Barut, 'Injection of Cross-linked Polymers as Water Shut-Off Gels & Injection of Incompatible Fresh Water Can Extend the Life of the Field and Increase HC Recovery'

3. Melih Turhan, 'Unitization'

4. Samat Ramatullayev, 'Use of petroleum geochemistry as a tool for locating reservoir compartmentalization'

5. Sercan Gül, 'Decline Curve Analysis in Shale Gas Reservoirs'

6. Tolga Akgöl, Mehmet Meriç Hırpa, 'An Investigation of Soil Contamination by Petroleum Hydrocarbons through Soxhlet Extraction'

Judges that officiated, whom we like to thank again were:

1. Osman Karaoğuz - Consultant

2. Fırat Üstün - Schlumberger

3. Barış Alp - TPAO

4. Eser Aköz - Genel Energy

We like to thank again to Chamber of Petroleum Engineers for giving us a place in IPETGAS 2013 and also for providing Contest Awards.

V.Volkan ÜSTÜN

SPE TURKEY Student Contest Moderator

SPE Turkey


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