Bowling Tournament '15

SPE Turkey Bowling Tournament 2015 was organised as part of ''Young Professionals Activity'' with the attendance of 9 teams from wide range of companies and project groups.

The Final Ranking was resulted as follows:

1. TP ÜDB Offshore (Ünal Özten, Altuğ Yüksel, Oğuz Kurtoğlu, Hüsnüye Kamanlı)

2. ADAŞ (Sercan Gül, Ahmet Başar Dimez, Metehan Bora Mete, Yağmur Yaldır)

3. Viking (Funda Güder, Arda Aygör, Tarkan Ayman, Paul Esteves)

Totally 36 people have participated in the event, and we are thankful to all for realising such a joyful activity.

Medals and cups have been distributed to the first three ranking teams.

Moreover, first three ranking scores in person in quarter finals and also the best woman participant in the activity have obtained medals.

Best Woman Participant - Hüsnüye Kamanlı

1. Cengizhan Demirci - 163

2. Sercan Gül - 155

3. Ufuk Öztürk - 151

Score sheet can be found here and event pictures are as below.

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